Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife habitat is important to GreenWoods, and is a big part of what we do. We offer a variety of services to help landowners enhance the numbers and quality of wildlife on their property. Whether creating new habitat or improving what is already present, GreenWoods can assist with everything from comprehensive management plans to the installation of food plots, planting of trees and shrubs, and other habitat improvements.

One of the many benefits of harvesting timber comes in the form of improved wildlife habitat. Harvesting spurs new growth, thus increasing the food sources available to a variety of species. A monoculture pine stand is essentially a wildlife desert, but after a thinning and introduction of sunlight, the understory explodes with new growth. Selectively harvesting oak stands can improve acorn production over time, while immediately increasing low browse (food) and cover. Patch clearcutting creates open areas amidst a larger forested acreage, and has innumerable positive benefits. There are many ways to design a timber harvest for improvement of wildlife habitat.

On the flip side, there are simple and fun ways to draw more wildlife to your property without ever cutting a single tree. For more information, read an article by Matt Pace that appeared in the Spring/Summer 2008 inaugural edition of the Floyd Virginia magazine.