Wildlife Habitat Improvement & Pond Prep

The owner of this 185-acre tract in Patrick County, Virginia, is very astute about wildlife management and wanted to diversify the habitat on his property. Matt selected about 60 acres for harvest, planning for the remaining acreage to be harvested later in order to stagger the habitat succession over the course of two to three decades. Because of the location and terrain, a chipping operation was utilized and this resulted in a very clean and attractive harvest that did a fantastic job of selectively cutting the hardwood timber. A new road was constructed to replace an old, washed-out access road that could no longer be used. The landowner wanted to build a 1-acre pond, so Matt selected the best site and had the logging crew clearcut it to make room for the pond construction. The client’s house sits high on a hill, so Matt marked the timber in such a way as to create long-range views into North Carolina from the front porch.