Vacation & Retirement Home Property Improvement

This job took place during the fall of 2013 in Franklin County, Virginia, near the Blue Ridge Parkway. The landowners live out of state and had built a large log home on this wooded property, that one day will be their retirement residence. The land was never properly cleared in preparation for the house, and the driveway was little more than an old logging road that had been somewhat improved but was not properly draining water because all of the drainage culverts had long ago been crushed or clogged. The driveway received very little sunlight and was littered with tree branches from all the large, overhanging trees.

These clients wanted a better driveway, views of Cahas Mountain to the east, clearing around the log house and old cabin, more access throughout their property, and a new homesite on an adjoining parcel to prepare it for eventual sale. Matt designed and managed a timber harvest that would enable these goals both by clearing trees and generating income to pay for the follow-up excavation work, which also was done under Matt’s direction. The results were quite dramatic and left the property much more useable and attractive.