Subdivision Planning and Sales

This is another great example of the forestry & real estate combination offered by GreenWoods (see also: Walnut Springs Orchard Development). Matt & Ed Gallimore of McNeil Real Estate looked at this 107-acre property and realized the potential for increased revenue to the landowner by first harvesting timber and then subdividing the property prior to sale. Matt designed a 4-lot subdivision and a selective timber harvest to create homesites on each new lot, along with entrances to the state road and access roads (future driveways) to each. The goal was to enable potential buyers to drive to each homesite and envision where their future home could be built, as opposed to standing in the middle of the woods (after hiking in) trying to envision the same.

The revenue from the timber harvest paid for the new survey, soil testing, site clearing, and access improvement, and now the per-acre value is increased thanks to all these improvements. The subdivision itself was done sensibly and with the inherent qualities of the land in mind. We look at what makes sense, and in this case it was only 4 new lots from 25-31 acres each, even though the road frontage allowed for much more. You achieve much greater results when you work with the land, not against it.