Matt & Courtney’s Homestead Development

This Floyd County, Virginia property was purchased by Matt and Courtney in October 2014.  After years of managing timber harvests and property/homesite development for others, Matt finally got to run his own project!  This gem of a property sat on the market for one year before Matt discovered it and delved into many, many hours of courthouse deed research and boundary line work.  All of this was turned over to a licensed surveyor, who then conducted a field survey and found that the 32 deeded acres was actually 35.

The first improvement made was the installation of a new state road entrance and demolition of an old house that was a liability because it was falling in on itself.  The house was hauled off to the county landfill to be properly disposed of.  The overgrown yard space around the old house was also cleared, releasing a beautiful and very large white oak tree that provides a stunning backdrop to the property entrance.

Matt then planned a timber harvest to clear the homesite and driveway location, and selectively cut timber throughout the property to create new roads and help pay for all the excavation work needing to be done.  The harvest took place between January and May of 2015, and as soon as it was finished two acres were graded for the building site, driveway, gardens, and orchard space.  Special attention was paid to road and stream buffers to help maintain privacy and protect water quality.

Matt and Courtney are scheduled to move into their new house in December 2015, a short 14-months after purchasing the undeveloped land.