Lot Clearing for New Home Construction

This was a fun project that only took about three days to complete.  The property is located just outside the town of Floyd, Virginia, in a small subdivision.  The landowner needed an area cleared before construction of her new home could begin.  In situations like this excavation contractors are often hired to clear the site- which means pushing all the trees over and either piling them somewhere on site or hauling them off on a dump truck, which is either unsightly or expensive, and sometimes both.  Because there was enough merchantable timber located in the area to be cleared (about one acre), we were able to bring in a logging crew to cut and remove the trees at no cost to the landowner, saving her money and leaving the site clean and ready for significantly less excavation work than would have otherwise been required.  As part of the logging, we also widened the existing entrance road in preparation for construction of a finished driveway.