Jordan Creek

Beginning in late 2021, we managed a timber harvest and interior improvements on two adjoining tracts in Henry County, Virginia, totaling a bit over 70 acres.  This project was a little different because it involved the reclamation of white oak beams from an old log cabin that was hidden beneath a more modern structure.  The large farm house was beyond repair and a liability to the property, but the original core was constructed around 1850 of beautiful hand-hewn beams likely cut from the land it sat on.  About 65% of the beams were salvaged and delivered to a local building contractor- the remainder had fallen victim to water leaks, termites, and carpenter ants. 

A new access road was constructed into the smaller parcel, terminating at the top of a ridge where a home site was cleared during the timber harvest, retaining a massive beech tree as a backdrop to the private building lot.  A soil evaluator was brought in to lay out a septic drain field, helping prepare the land for sale to a new owner.  The larger parcel, where the old cabin was situated, also received some access improvements and the selective harvest of that acreage opened up many new trails, allowing prospective buyers to easily view the property and imagine the recreation potential.

We then engaged David Hurt & April Garrison of Land Matters, LLC ( to market the property and both parcels were sold quickly.  We hope the new owners enjoy the property and are able to fulfill their dream of making it a productive farm once again.