GIS & GPS Mapping

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS (Global Positioning Systems) are widely used to locate and map the earth’s features. By integrating these technologies, users are able to acquire and manage spatial data accurately and efficiently. GreenWoods utilizes these tools to perform a wide array of services in a cost-effective manner and with a high degree of reliability. Timber cruising, boundary line location, road and trail layout, stream measurements, feature mapping, and acreage calculations are all done with the aid of GIS and GPS- allowing us to perform these tasks more efficiently and precisely than many of our competitors.

This technology is especially useful in preparing Forest Management Plans, aka. Forest Stewardship Plans. Cover type maps, such as the one pictured below, provide an at-a-glance breakdown of forest composition, road locations, boundary features, and more. This is especially helpful on larger properties, where it is often difficult to conceptualize these features without similar maps. Aerial photos, topographical (contour) maps, and base (road) maps can all be incorporated. Hunt clubs can also benefit from this service; having hunting areas and the routes to them (as well as food plots, water sources, etc.) clearly identified on a property map can aid with planning and hunter placement, and will result in safer, more successful days in the woods.

Sample Forest Stewardship Map, Floyd County, Virginia