Hardwood Selective Harvest

Located in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, this 60+/- acre tract was selectively harvested during the late summer/fall of 2008. Though mainly comprised of good quality hardwoods like oak, poplar, and hickory, there were also solid patches of Virginia pine where agricultural field had once been. The landowner’s goals included: wildlife habitat, forest health, real estate value, and income. Due to its location, we were able to contract with a mechanized logging crew (using a feller buncher machine, as opposed to chainsaw felling) that also had a chipper. This resulted in a very clean job that was completed in about one month.

The white oak trees were favored to be left, since their acorns are most preferred by wildlife. For the same reason, almost all of the hickories were also reserved. By removing most of the sweetgum and Virginia pines, the species composition is now more heavily slanted toward mast-producing hardwoods. Much of the better quality yellow poplar was also reserved, since this is a desirable timber species and a heavy seed producer. Harvesting did not occur on every acre, as some areas did not contain mature timber or undesirable species. Now, there is much greater diversity on this tract than before, and the species composition and timber quality will continue to improve over time.

We will be looking forward to reports from the landowner as each hunting season passes.

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