Farmland Restoration & Homestead Planning

This was a fun project that grew, literally, during the course of the job. This property was originally owned by the client’s grandmother, and the granddaughter now wished to reclaim the old farmland and build a house in the middle of the tract, overlooking a small pond. The tract was thought to be 98-acres in size, but when Matt started working on the boundary lines he quickly realized there had to be more land out there than believed. After doing courthouse research and identifying a number of old boundary monuments, Matt contracted a licensed surveyor to conduct a field survey of the property and worked out an arrangement where the surveyor was paid by the timber proceeds, thereby eliminating the need for the landowner to incur that expense out of pocket. The property surveyed out to 129 acres, one-third larger than the deeded acreage. Discrepancies like this are not at all uncommon; in fact they are surprisingly common.

Approximately 20 acres of old field land was clearcut, having been taken over by Virginia pine in the absence of maintenance. The landowner intends to use those areas for grape production and livestock. The remainder of the property was selectively harvested, leaving uncut buffers in the drainages and in meandering strips to soften the look of the harvest. The new homesite was clearcut to make room for a house and yard space, and the view over the pond was opened up. A new driveway was laid out and used for logging, and the landowner later hired an excavation crew to finish the road and install a permanent stream crossing.

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