Family Estate Timber Management & Farm Prep

This timber harvest took place during the fall of 2014 in Patrick County, Virginia, and included 55 acres. About half of the acreage was selectively harvested, and the remainder was clearcut in preparation for replanting to loblolly pine and to clean up the field edges for renewed farming activities. Matt marked the timber in the select-cut areas, and left healthy stream buffers along all the waterways. This helped offset the starkness of the clearcut acreage, but even the clearcut lands will be green again soon enough. New roads were built, and the existing driveway was improved with rock, grading, and widening. One of the landowners wanted a new homesite cleared of trees in preparation for grading, and that was accomplished as well. This was a chipping operation, utilizing a great deal of heavy equipment that resulted in a very clean, and very fast, timber harvest job.

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